Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pearl 3: Listen to Those Commands

Dearest Eliana and Gehrig,

Good afternoon, my dears.  Well, never fear.  Your Grandma Vicki is coming back tomorrow so your “Aunt” Jennifer can go home and get what I suspect is some much needed rest.  Grandma Vicki can’t wait to see you two and I am kind of anxious myself but, then, I will arrive on Saturday.

I got the photograph of you two in your cute “Be Mine” Valentine outfits and you did take my breath away.  Your parents need to get you into modeling as soon as their energy allows.  You are just too gorgeous (uh, handsome, sorry Gehrig). 

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday so if you see some folks walking around with dirty foreheads, they weren’t cleaning their fireplaces, they had those ashes put there on purpose.  Why, you ask?  Well, because this is the start of Lent; a season of contemplative celebration that lasts 40 days and 40 nights and ends on Maunday Thursday before Easter Sunday.  The ashes, made in the form of the Cross on believer’s foreheads, are a reminder that “from ashes we came and from ashes we shall return”, in other words, we were created by God and to God we will eventually return.  At least, that is our hope.  Lots of people take the time during Lent to try and live their lives more like Jesus did….showing more mercy and forgiveness to others and focusing our attention on God, our Father.  Some people give up things during Lent.  Things they like.  Like chocolate or desserts.  Or meat.  Or wine.  Or Jack Daniels.  Some people fast or try to lose weight during Lent. Others add things rather than giving things up.  Like giving of their time, talents and possessions to their favorite charity in special ways during Lent. They do this so when they think about those things, their sacrifice will remind them of their commitment and the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross.  It helps keep their mind on spiritual things.  That’s a good thing.  Which brings me to my next "Pearl":

Third Pearl:  Listen to Those Commands

O.K., I thought you would ask.  Maunday is a corruption of the Latin word Mandatum, or a command. The day is so called, because as on that day our Savior washed his disciples' feet, to teach them the great duty of being humble. And, therefore, he commands them to do as he had done, to imitate their Master in all humility.

The cool thing is after all that time, there is a really great celebration called Easter, where we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Yup, He is alive and lives with us.  More about that in another letter, later.

I miss you and love you very much, sweethearts.  Give you Mom and Dad a big hug for me and a big kiss to your Grandma Vicki when she arrives.

Grandpa Jud

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