Sunday, October 14, 2012

Size Does Matter

It is a seminal question.  Does size matter?  During normal times, most adults might automatically, upon hearing that question, conjure up images of things south of the belt line.  Ah, but this is the political season and the "most important election of our lifetime", as some have postulated, is just 23 days away.  So let's redirect our attention above the belt line to just north of the neckline to answer this important interrogatory.

We have now seen two election debates with two more to come.  In the first debate between President Barrack Obama and presidential hopeful, Gov. Mitt Romney, the myriad polls tended to indicate that candidate Romney perhaps had scored a victory.  Of course, most of these polls are with fewer than 1000 voters with a margin of error nearly as large as the federal deficit, but, be that as it may, Romney seemed to develop some momentum in his heretofore "yawner" of a campaign.  Next up to bat, the existing Vice-President and his challenger, Congressman Paul Ryan.  Looking dashing, as usual, albeit a bit long in smiley white tooth, "Uncle Joe" bumbled less, interrupted more than an alarm clock with a broken snooze button, and, in general, overcame the inept initial outing of his boss.  The young Rep. Ryan, loaded with facts, figures and a ton of well crafted and oft delivered sound bites, tried to look calm, cool and prepared even though his big doe eyes made him look, at times, like a deer in the headlights of the Biden Bulldozer.  Polls say.....a draw,  with + or - 5% margin of error.
We have two more debates before November 6th.  Obama will be sharper, more aggressive and the number, "47%" will definitely be mentioned this time.  Romney will be just as sharp and mention of the tragedy of the American Embassy in Libya will definitely be used to point out the current administrations failures in foreign policy and lack of leadership.  Listen to all of that or don't listen.  It is, in my opinion, virtually irrelevant.

I believe it has become virtually impossible for our citizens to sort through all of the sound bites, the PAC-controlled negative ads, the facts or fictions which are being thrown at them from every direction anymore.  I think the clutter of conflict has numbed the mind and confused the spirit of the American voter.  Our news media complicates the issue by mixing news with editorial in an unprecedented and unconscionable way.  The line between truth and fiction has been so blurred I know many people who have become so cynical they say they may not vote at all.  This would be a mistake.  Let me see if I can simplify.

The question the American voters have to answer is simply "Does size matter?"

The Founding Fathers of our great Republic were all pretty, if not very, intelligent men.  Though personally flawed in many ways and certainly not perfect politicians, as patriots the likes of Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Washington have never been matched and as intellectuals....well, they were brilliant.  The principal argument, back in their day, as they struggled to frame our Constitution and Bill of Rights, was whether the new central government, this Federal entity, should be big and powerful or should it be smaller and secondary to the States in power and authority.  Big or not so big.  To the majority of the Founding Fathers, size not only mattered, it was the only consideration and it was crucial, in their minds, that size be controlled.

Today we have to make that same determination as a voting public.  Do we want larger government taking over power and authority from the States and competing with the private sector to perform services for the American people, a trend which will inevitably inflate the national debt substantially and possibly disastrously, or not?  Do we believe that the federal government can provide these services better, more economically and with more control and oversight than the States or private industry, or not?  Do we agree with the Framers that state and local governments can best provide for the needs of their constituents, regardless of their economic status?  Do we want the Federal government to step back to providing only those services that the state and local governments cannot perform adequately (national security, border protection, etc.), or allow it to grow bigger and take on more responsibility?

So to me it is simple.  If you want large government, higher taxes, more spending, please vote for President Obama.  If you want smaller government, not as high taxes, not as much spending, vote for Gov. Romney.  If you don't care, move to Greece.  The outcome for our country will most likely be similar.