Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Sun Came Up

Well, some would have had you believe, if President Obama got re-elected for another four years, the sun might not have come up this morning.  But, I am here to tell you, unless my eyes deceive me, it did.  In fact, I was ready for it.  I was well rested because it didn't take but until 10:30PM CST for the major media pundits to call this election with less than half the vote in across the country.  Of course, Florida is still out but it is not due to hanging chads this time, but perhaps just a bunch of retired and transplanted New Yorkers who apparently can't count too fast.

They used to call Ronald Reagan the "Teflon President" but he had nothing on one Barrack H. Obama.  It seems that the still stagnant national economy, the unacceptable unemployment rate, the skyrocketing national debt, the tragedy of American lives lost in Libya, non-existent energy policy, weak trade policies, an impossibly unfair tax code, and a host of other failures, foreign and domestic, are still George Bush's fault. 

I thought the Tea Party might be the "wild card" but it never materialized.  The Senate still belongs to the Dems and the GOP's grip on the House will guarantee at least two more years of gridlock.  We will hear a lot more in the days to come about "The Cliff" and how close we are or aren't to going over it, financially speaking.  We will hear much more about jobs that have or have not been created.  We will hear who was really responsible for the tragedy in Libya but it will be too late by then.  We will have to endure much more haggling about ceilings; debt, glass or otherwise and no one will mention abortion again until the next election cycle.

My opinion is, for all the hundreds of millions of dollars which were spent on this election, nothing will change.  We didn't get the change promised to us in the last four years (except for a health care plan we cannot afford) and no change was promised for the next four years, so it will be same ol', same ol'.  We will survive the new four to six trillion dollars in new debt that will be added to our almost seventeen trillion we have now and it will be Bush's fault I am sure.  I liken it to jumping off a cliff with a parachute but with no rip cord.  The ride will be exciting and there will be at least the feeling of safety, but the landing will be disastrous. 

My concern is not for my wife and I.  We are as old as the people counting ballots in Florida.  It would be difficult for any President or policy to screw up our last 15 years or so on this planet.  My concern is for my children, grandchildren and our great grandchildren.  They are the ones who will pay the price for this election.  They are the ones whose lives will be unalterably affected.  They are the ones who will wonder where the rip cord went.


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  1. Jud, Up here in the north, the sun didn't come up. We have had typical November grey skies with heavy cloud cover. Did see the sun late Thursday afternoon, and I immediately thought of your blog. Do appreciate your thoughts, because it has not been an easy week to look for the silver lining. Still looking. And in Illinois where we, too, are heavily in debt, the people voted down a proposal to increase to a 60% majority for the legislature to make any change to the pension plans. It is always easier to spend, OPM, other people's money. Texas is looking better all the time. Heading your way next week to see our son and daugter in law in Midland.