Thursday, December 27, 2012

USA Went Over the Cliff Years Ago

Here is hoping all my readers had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah this year and that each of you will experience a healthy, prosperous New Year.  The operative words in the last sentence, "healthy" and  "prosperous", are so very important.  One is quite possible.  A new round of New Year's resolutions, a little will-power, judicious exercise, the willingness to watch Dr. Oz and give up white flour and sugar can contribute significantly to the former.  Only a unified Congress and a supportive Chief Executive can ensure the latter.  Which do you think is harder?

Some say individual prosperity in our country next year will be defined by the fiscal cliff.  Unfortunately, this Congress seems to lack the intelligence to find the unity necessary to avoid financial disaster.  Hell, if our country goes over the cliff, plunging to our fiscal doom, this Congress couldn't even remember what number to dial to reach 911 for help.  And as far as the "Leader of the Strongest Nation in the World" is concerned, he couldn't find the edge of the fiscal cliff or his rear-end with two hands and a flashlight.  BUT, it doesn't matter.  The United States went over the cliff years ago and we have been in free-fall ever since.

O.K., so you say, Smith, aren't you being a bit harsh?  You tell me.  Our collective debt is $ 17 trillion dollars.  Too big a number to even fathom, well look at it this way.  Every man, woman and child in this country owes right at $ 49,000.00 to cover their portion of the current debt.  Each one.  My youngest granddaughter is only 2 years old.  That is a heck of a big tab for her to pay and she doesn't pay taxes yet let alone even have an allowance.  But the cliff I am talking about the U.S. going over years ago isn't of a fiscal nature.

The cliff I am referring to has to do with leadership, or more precisely, a lack thereof.  In my opinion we have not had a President with any kind of vision for this country since Ronald Reagan and he wasn't perfect.  These days we don't even have that much vision going on.  No one measures up....certainly no Bushes or bush chasers and certainly no one named Barrack.  Where are the Washington's, Hamilton's and Jefferson's of our day?  And that is only part of the problem.  Our congressional leaders have been just as sadly lacking.  Aside from a few stalwarts in the most recent 20 years whose time is now past, are you telling me that John Boehner and Harry Reid are the best and brightest our country has to offer?  If we don't climb out of this abyss and find some men and women who have vision and the fortitude to make the hard decisions needed for our country to turn itself around, our plunge over the leadership cliff will make this coming fiscal one look like a speed bump. 


Jud Smith

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  1. The United States government and citizens need Statesman not politicians!