Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ready or Not, Here They Come

You all remember that phrase, right?  It was how the game of Hide 'N Seek began right after you counted to ten.  Oh, but then it says "They" not "I".  That is because the two topics I am addressing today are not games, but a warning of what is to come.  What is the "They"?

Part of "they" is Obamacare.  Funny how during the campaign our President embraced this label for his Affordable Care Act.  I wonder if it was because it massaged his ego or if he knows that this first huge step towards socialized medicine in the United States is going to be anything but affordable.  So was he thinking, let them put my name on it so as not to remind people that we sold it to them as "affordable", even though it will be anything but. 

In less than a year, this 4-trillion dollar health care overhaul is supposed to be fully operational.  Unfortunately, the costs will be there but the plan will be a little late arriving.  Experts now acknowledge that one of the few potential cost saving benefits we might see out of Pelosicare...uh, sorry, Obamacare...,the Health Care Exchanges, will not be operational at the Federal level on time.  And, they cannot provide an estimate when the Federal Exchange might be in place.  [Note: 27 out of our 50 states have opted out of creating a state run Exchange, depending on the Federal Exchange for their coverage, 19 are trying to get theirs up and running and the rest are trying to fashion a combination state/federal exchange.]  

These exchanges are supposed to lower the cost of health care, but what will happen instead, assuming they can get them up and running, is that more of the exploding cost of health care will be passed on to the taxpayers.   That be you and me, folks.  27 States figured that out pretty quick and opted to let the Fed take the hit.  So, ready or not, here they come. 

The second "they" is about drones.  Now, I am not going to drone on and on about drones, which have been covered in the news lately, ad infinitum.  But I will weigh in on the concept of using drones on American soil.  For those of you just returning from your month's vacation on Mars, unmanned drones with unbelievable firepower have been used for some time on foreign soil to "take out" enemy targets with amazing accuracy and swiftness.  Their usefulness and effectiveness in combating terrorist cells, training camps and even high-ranking Al Queda individuals has been nothing short of amazing. 

Do I support using heavily-armed Predator Drones that some 19-year old "pilot" with a joystick in Bismark, North Dakota can use to put a Hellfire missile into Abdul bin Nasti's teacup while he sits in some tent in Pakistan plotting the next 911 attack on America.....oh, hell yeah!  Not even on my sympathy radar.  O.K. what if Abdul is an American citizen?   I could give a horse's pa toot.  He should have thought about that before he entered the tent in Pakistan.....send in TWO Hellfires.

O.K. so now let's say Abdul is an American citizen on American soil and we have credible intelligence that he is plotting the next 911 with some of his Sandland buddies up in a cabin in the Adirondacks?  What do we do now?   OR, what if we find out that Bennie the Blade is plotting an assassination attempt on the President tomorrow from his location in rural Virgina?  OR, what if we find out that Marco Bombinonso, stateside drug kingpin, is having a conference of 20 dealer/distributors at his estate at Lake Tahoe?   Does the government have the right to kill American citizens on American soil with the use of drones?   As despicable and evil as these men may be and as expedient and cost effective a solution to these problems the drone presents, I say Nay Nay! 

American citizens are guaranteed a right to trial and to defend themselves in a court of law.  To make exception to that Constitutional guarantee is to put us on a slippery slope that will lead to the downfall of our justice system; the finest and most just such system in the world.  Relying on the tried and true...capture/arrest/indict/try/secure conviction/sentence/incarcerate method is still the best course.  Drones have no place here.

O.K., now what if Abdul, the American citizen, is in the van, loaded with 2 tons of plastic explosive and we have just confirmed, without doubt, his plan is to drive it right up to the White House front door in less than 10 minutes (barring traffic on DuPont Circle) and the only deterrent in the area capable of preventing this disaster is the Predator drone flying surveillance overhead?  Do these exigent circumstances justify the exception?

Ready or not, here they come!


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  1. I can still remember the words reverberating in my head, "we must pass this bill to learn what's in it". No bill should be passed without learned scrutiny. There's plenty of blame to go around, you name it, including those who voted these people in no mater what party.
    Drones should never be used on American soil to kill Americans. Although we have seen human mistakes made, intelligence has many ways of detecting domestic terrorists. What's next then, no cheesecake because it raises healthcare costs?
    Your friend, JIM Mc