Friday, October 18, 2013

Here Is Your Chance to Sound Off

Do you ever get those four page questionnaires in the mail from either the Republicans or the Democrats which are designed to suck you into giving your opinion, which most likely no one ever reads, and to donate to their partisan cause and champion Amurika?  Well, I get them all the time and they drive me to drink.  Now some of my friends would assert that is no drive, just a short putt, but, nevertheless, I thought I would give you the same opportunity to sound off.  Although this time, I will read your responses, tabulate and collate them and report back the collective results.  Then you can choose to drink or not, up to you.

Just read the questions, select your answers from a, b, c, or d and note them in your return comments as 1 - b, 2-c, 3- a, and so forth.

1.)  Should Congress repeal Obamacare?    a. - Yes  b. No  c. Parts of it  d. I could care less, it is only a $ 4 trillion mistake.

2.)  Do you support creation of an independent panel like the 9-11 Commission to investigate the mortgage crisis and other factors that contributed to the economic crisis in our nation?   a. Yes   b. No   c. what good would it do?   d. I would rather see them investigate Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, wire-tapping of journalists and seizure of our private phone records.

3.)  Which of the following is THE most important economic priority?  a. Creating jobs  
b. Balancing the Federal budget   c. Keeping taxes low   d. Increasing government spending.

4.)  Are you in favor of raising the age of eligibility for Social Security?   a. Yes   b. No  
c.  Only if it does not affect me   d.  It should be lowered to age 55, it worked for the Greeks didn't it.

5.)  Is achieving energy independence from imported fossil fuels crucial to the long-term security of our nation?   a. Yes   b. No   c. Drill, baby, drill   d. More Hellfire equipped drones are the answer to long-term national security.

6.)  Do you support giving U.S. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies the ability to covertly track and monitor communications of terrorist suspects within our borders, as needed, even if a court order has not yet been obtained?   a. Yes  b. No  c. Only if you trust Big Brother  d. The hell with monitoring use the equipment from answer d. above on suspected terrorists.

7.)  Do you believe that "Global Warming" is a real problem, the ultimate outcome of which will be a new Ice Age?  a. Yes   b. No  c. I believe everything Al Gore ever said, including that he invented the Internet   d.  The solution is to just build a big wall across the entire Canadian border...that is where the (bleepin') cold air comes from. (Thanks to Lewis Black for that suggestion)

8.)  Should President Obama meet with the leaders of Cuba, Iran and North Korea without preset conditions?   a. Yes   b. No   c. Only if Cuban cigars are served with brandy after dinner  d. Only if women can attend without having to wear a Burka.

9.)  Should medical malpractice reform to stop frivolous lawsuits and ever increasing insurance premiums be a priority for healthcare reform legislation?  a. Yes   b. No   c. Only if I can still collect $ 10 million if some bozo doctor leaves a scalpel in me after a routine appendectomy   d. Define frivolous

10.)  Do you support eliminating the ban on human cloning?  a. Yes   b. No  c. Yes, yes, yes, yes.   d. No, no, no, no.

Let me know what you think by making your choices known and how you feel by making a comment or two.  I will report the results...honest.

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