Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Questionnaire Results

For those of you who follow along regularly, I promised to publish the results of my "Sound Off" questionnaire from the last blog post.  Here you go, with some commentary:

1.)  Should Congress repeal Obamacare?    a. - Yes  b. No  c. Parts of it  d. I could care less, it is only a $ 4 trillion mistake.

Nearly 100 % of you said, "Yes".  Only one person, and you know who you are, said "No".  I am not sure if repealing is the right answer, all I know is if we wait another year or two until they actually get it somewhat functionally working, it will be too late.  Perhaps the better solution is to modify the current legislation so that important things like tort reform and a merging of the current health care benefits for those who cannot afford it with health insurance, if needed, is accomplished.

2.)  Do you support creation of an independent panel like the 9-11 Commission to investigate the mortgage crisis and other factors that contributed to the economic crisis in our nation?   a. Yes   b. No   c. what good would it do?   d. I would rather see them investigate Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, wire-tapping of journalists and seizure of our private phone records.

D was the most popular response although 20 % simply said "No".  I think this is a reflection of the fact that 85 % of the American public, in a recent CBS News poll, expressed disappointment in the performance of Congress and don't even trust them to appoint an independent commission to investigate their own belly button lint, let alone to determine a cause for the economic crisis.  But, the majority would rather any investigation work on the more important issues that put our freedoms at risk.

3.)  Which of the following is THE most important economic priority?  a. Creating jobs  
b. Balancing the Federal budget   c. Keeping taxes low   d. Increasing government spending.

This one was split down the middle with 50 % saying A. - Creating jobs....and 50 % saying B. - Balancing the Federal budget.  Of course, I think the only jobs government can really create are government jobs, but the likelihood of Congress balancing the budget ranks up there with a camel going through the eye of a needle.  No one fell for  D. - Increasing government spending option....I was just seeing if you were paying attention.

4.)  Are you in favor of raising the age of eligibility for Social Security?   a. Yes   b. No  
c.  Only if it does not affect me   d.  It should be lowered to age 55, it worked for the Greeks didn't it.

75 % said "Yes" which means the majority of my readership must be over 65 already.  The balance said "No" with one person saying "Only if it does not affect me".  The fact is, we MUST raise the eligibility age, and increase Social Security taxes, and decrease the payout over time (modify COLA), if we have a prayer of this program lasting through our kids retirement.  SS is in trouble and the financial shell game being played is not fixing anything.

5.)  Is achieving energy independence from imported fossil fuels crucial to the long-term security of our nation?   a. Yes   b. No   c. Drill, baby, drill   d. More Hellfire equipped drones are the answer to long-term national security. 

60 % said "Yes" on a.  40 % said "Drill Baby, Drill", which I guess is the same thing.  BTW, do we have the Keystone Pipeline under construction yet?  No, oh, well, then has it at least been approved?  NO?  Will the State Department get that approval done before year-end?  WHAT....NO!  Excuse me, could someone tell me what we are waiting for?

6.)  Do you support giving U.S. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies the ability to covertly track and monitor communications of terrorist suspects within our borders, as needed, even if a court order has not yet been obtained?   a. Yes  b. No  c. Only if you trust Big Brother  d. The hell with monitoring use the equipment from answer d. above on suspected terrorists.

Only one "Yes" here and the rest were "No" which indicates that most people are more concerned with protecting the First Amendment rights of citizens than tracking down suspected terrorists and preventing further attacks on American soil.  Not that that is a bad thing, but I think we are kidding ourselves if we give suspected terrorists the freedom they need to plan those attacks without covert intervention.  What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

7.)  Do you believe that "Global Warming" is a real problem, the ultimate outcome of which will be a new Ice Age?  a. Yes   b. No  c. I believe everything Al Gore ever said, including that he invented the Internet   d.  The solution is to just build a big wall across the entire Canadian border...that is where the (bleepin') cold air comes from. (Thanks to Lewis Black for that suggestion)

Again, split on this question, 50 % "Yes" and 50 % "No".  Personally, I kind of like the "big wall" ideas.  It may not stop much cold air, but it will put people to work and will be only the second man-made object able to be seen from the ISS with the naked eye.

8.)  Should President Obama meet with the leaders of Cuba, Iran and North Korea without preset conditions?   a. Yes   b. No   c. Only if Cuban cigars are served with brandy after dinner  d. Only if women can attend without having to wear a Burka.

O.K., 100 % said "No".  How are we ever going to get anything accomplished if we don't talk with each other?  But, no Burkas, sorry. 

9.)  Should medical malpractice reform to stop frivolous lawsuits and ever increasing insurance premiums be a priority for health care reform legislation?  a. Yes   b. No   c. Only if I can still collect $ 10 million if some bozo doctor leaves a scalpel in me after a routine appendectomy   d. Define frivolous

100 % "Yes" again, which means I don't have one blog follower who is an attorney.  To me, this is the most critical issue facing the successful continuance of quality health care in this country.  Obamacare promises to rein in the insurance carriers, how about the lawyers and ambulance chasers.  I bet their income is double the profits of the insurance companies.  Tort reform NOW!

10.)  Do you support eliminating the ban on human cloning?  a. Yes   b. No  c. Yes, yes, yes, yes.   d. No, no, no, no.

My personal favorite was "No, no, no, no" but then I guess most people thought if there were multiple responses, cloning would have already been approved.  Or, maybe my joke was just a wee bit subtle.  99 % "No" and one "Yes".  I guess we are just not ready to face ourselves in the face....just yet.

Thank you to those who took the time to respond.  I wish I could enclose a postage stamp or a nickel or some address labels with your name misspelled on them for your trouble, but this is a low budget public opinion poll.