Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Sequel is HERE!

For those of you who have read my first book, The Justin Gates Chronicles - California Nightmare, and liked it, you are going to love the sequel.

The Justin Gates Chronicles - Texas Daydream has just been published and by accounts from early readers is even better than the first book in this trilogy.  Here is a synopsis:

It has been just three short years since Justin Gates helped solve a serial killer mystery in his native California.  Now attending the University of Texas in Austin, he is up to his ears in another.  College coeds are being murdered and posed in compromising positions.

With no substantial evidence, no solid suspects, and no trail to follow the experienced Detective Walls and his attractive new partner, Rebecca Townzen, attempt to uncover who is this predator taking these young lives.  Justin’s previous experience, and his passion for psychology and behavioral science all contribute to him finding himself in the line of fire once again.

Based on true events, this psychological suspense/mystery takes place on the sprawling, southern college campus known as the Forty Acres from 1964 to 1967 against the backdrop of local and national unrest.

College life in the 1960’s has never been more exciting.  Society and mores are changing radically and new openness and attitudes prevail.  These realities are captured through the use of brilliant characters immersed in outrageous situations with frequent laugh-out-loud outcomes, while surrounded by dark forces and evil deeds. This is the backdrop for a murder mystery which the reader will be challenged to solve before the very end.  An ending few will ever forget.

Once again, this book is based on true events and our protagonist, Justin, is older and wiser as he faces yet another test of his skills as an amateur sleuth while meeting and courting the love of his life.

You can order your copy, either in paperback or as a digital version for your Kindle, IPad, or other reader, at, Barnes & or other online book stores.  Start your search at the following site:

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If you like this book, please recommend it to your family and friends.  And, please, feel free to write a review on Amazon.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!

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