Thursday, January 2, 2020

Holiday Cruise XVI

Greetings from Raiatea,

Some people think this is one of the most beautiful of all the Society Islands and a strong case can be made.  It is the second largest island in French Polynesia and is approximately 120 miles northwest of Tahiti.  I know we were gobstruck by the water which so incredibly gorgeous, as you will see below.
We took a catamaran tour to the sister island of Taaha, visited a Pearl Farm and a Vanilla Plantation and stopped at a small private Motu (small island) for a fruit snack and some wading in the crystal clear waters.

For the Polynesian “Maohi”, ancestor of today’s Tahitian, Raiatea was known as the “Sacred Havai’i” and was the center of royalty, religion, culture and history.  This center is complemented by a wealth of archaeological sites, tropical scenery and reef fringed lagoons.

Remember to check “OLDER POST” so you don’t miss anything as I will send photos in two separate posts .

Until next time, God Bless you all.

Jud and Vicki


  1. Was Stephen Adler on your cruise?
    Great pictures as always.

    1. Don't recall any Stephen Adler on the cruise but didn't get to meet all 490 passengers on board. Jud.