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Born in late 1945, I arrived at the dawn of the "Baby Boom", which began at the end of World War II and continued until 1964.  This unprecedented period of fertility on the part of our forefathers and mothers produced 76 million new Americans, most of  whom having contributed to the growth, prosperity and continued legacy of the most powerful nation in the world. 

Growing up in the '50's and '60's was an exciting time full of challenge and change and, like most adults, my relationships and experiences helped to shape the person I am today.  While most people gain wisdom over their lifetimes, it is my observation very few individuals have been blessed with the rich combination of unique people, unusual experiences, an inquisitive, creative mind, vivid imagination and the ability to communicate.   

Now, I don't pretend to be in the same league with the great thinkers and writers who have populated the top echelon of genius in many fields of endeavor from politics to religion, literary masters to filmmakers, poets to philosophers.  However, over the past 55 years or so, I think I have learned a thing or two about life.  It is my hope that relating those lessons might prove a benefit to others, be it a life changing epiphany, an interesting insight, a mistake not made, or just a good laugh.  The blog will represent kind of an iconic everyman's American journey and, hence, the blog's name.

Permanently posted on my blog will be letters I have written to my grandchildren, beginning from the moment of their births to the present.  We call them "Pearls" and they are some of the life lessons I wanted to pass on to them (and their parents) while, hopefully, helping them to know and remember their grandfather better after I am gone.

Also permanently on the blog will be rememberances of experiences from 1966, a seminal year in my life.  Besides being my sophomore/junior year in college, this was the year I met the girl I would marry, Victoria Ann Matthews....a marriage, by the way, which has lasted 44 years.  These short stories, some of which will seem outrageous, are all true and I believe will entertain and amuse.

Vicki and I have done and continue to do a lot of traveling.  We are cruisers and have been to over seventy countries around the world.  A part of my blog will be travel updates from past and future travels with pictures.  

In the main section entitled "A Baby Boomer's Opinion" I will comment on the current events of the day; political, religious, and everything in between seen through the eyes and with the mental filter of a sexagenarian.  I hope my readers will engage in the discussion....the livelier the better.  

Jud Smith

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